God Hates Arkansas

Are you LGBTQ in Arkansas?


In response to the senator’s racist comments in the video, this random intelligent dude responds by way of posting to the senator’s Facebook wall:
Dear Senator Rapert,
My name is Nader Afsordeh. As you may or may not be able to tell from my name, I am of Middle Eastern decent. My parents immigrated to the United States in the late 1970s in order to stay away from Islamic fundamentalism in Iran and to provide their children with a better future. They moved to Arkansas, went to school, and worked hard to be able to make an honest living. They both were able to open their own businesses, had two children, including myself, and raised them to be a doctor (my sister) and a lawyer (myself). These are their values: hardwork, education, family, and love.
I just happened upon a video of you speaking on the steps of our state capital, in your capacity as the senator elect from Conway, Arkansas and I have to admit that I am a little perplexed and to be honest, a little frightened of what your message represents.
I am an American. I am also an Arkansan. I love my country and I am proud of my state. But you sir, seem to argue that “being a minority” or “being a Muslim” is somehow anti-American. What is worse is that your style of speech would, in my mind, incite others to show nothing but disdain and mistrust to others who look different, speak differently, or pray differently. That my good Senator, is not American.
Through speaking with my parents, studying history, and knowing current events, I am very aware of how religious fundamentalism can and will hijack legitimate governments and take them down a totalitarian path. You sir seem to wish to drive our democracy down that path. Your statement to your crowd that “we’re not going to allow minorities to run roughshod over what you people believe in!” makes me wonder exactly what you’re talking about. The Christians and Muslims I know believe in Love, caring, understanding, tolerance, and above all the belief that we are all equal in the eyes of God. So, Mr. Rapert, what beliefs are you speaking of?
I would love an opportunity to sit with you and discuss your points and if you’ll hear me, maybe I can show you how our Nation IS a nation of immigrants and how the “minorities” you speak of, are really what have and continue to be the reason American is an amazing place. Please feel free to facebook me.

Thanks for reading,

Nader Afsordeh



Anti-Racist equals Anti-White billboard erected in Arkansas



The following billboard was erected by a private citizen along state route 65 in north central Arkansas. The sign was paid for by someone…


This is so accurate #arkansas #guns #gunowners #thesouth


This is so accurate #arkansas #guns #gunowners #thesouth


Can we get some more ladies up in here? I’m talking about in the government, of course. 

Tired of somebody who is not you making the rules? Make them yourself. 

Here’s how. See you soon, political sisters. 


My friend Megan was sexually assaulted at a 24 Hour Fitness by a staff member and on camera. Instead of firing the staff member, corporate intimidated her into not pursuing legal action and terminated her fully paid membership without her consent. This staff member still works at the 24 Hour Fitness located on Cass Street of Omaha, Nebraska. What Megan wants is for this employee to be fired as a result of his behavior, for her paid membership to be reinstated, and for sexual harassment policies to be posted publicly in 24 Hour Fitness locations. 

By choosing not to punish this employee for his behavior, they are enabling him and providing him opportunities to do the same to another woman again. By choosing not to punish this employee, 24 Hour Fitness is expressing that they have no regard for the safety and well being of their patrons.

And that’s bullshit if you ask me.
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